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expected anything less than the team. and win or go home in new york. we'll tell what you is going on there this friday october 12th. >> megan is off today butyl net is up here. lauren is up here. there is a big event going on the festival for tomorrow. it will not shut down many roads and tonight. and definitely go to and check out all of the closures. ed we have traffic. >> heading down there plan accordingly for tomorrow the run and for the weather. >> and i had the weather i had the forecast and people want to know what is going on with the weather. it will be chilly, we will see sunshine. what i have for you. temperatures and upper 30s. bundful up. you know how to run. you are pros what is going on in terms of the wind direction and the northeast at 5 miles an hour. and it is not too bad. temperatures will warm up throughout the day. now let's talk about what is
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going on. out the door again another chilly start. the temperature at 40 now. and in we're at 42. the temperatures are below this morning. we're looking at westminster with a temperature at 47 degrees. the winds out of the west at 3 miles an hour. and they will be picking up and breezy this afternoon. the powerful radar not picking up. we have all and it is dry. the dry weather will continue as we go into the afternoon. clouds associated with a front through her and breezy as well. the high and right around 64 degrees. a check now of time saver traffic. good morning. go orioles. 13 innings they lived up to the name extra inning beast of the east. heading out and no delays heading down to dc north headed up to camden yards and no problems to report through the tunnel f you are traveling on
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695. traffic is picking up on the west side. here is the road you are looking at a ride right now on the outer loop from 795 and 95 beltway great shape and up to towson. and get downtown just that tip deadline 11 minutes now. southbound from the beltway all the way to fayette street. this is the abc 2 time saver traffic. >> we'll get the work done and head home. we have a game 5 to watch this afternoon. a gritty win and up in the bronx and both teams on the break. this morning and jamie costello and christian shave remember at work in the big apple with what the fans are saying a day they did not see coming. >> let me tell you this, this is one of the gutsy wins in franchise history to come out after what they went through after ibanez and to win the
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game mentally tough for 13 innings t is a fairy tail. a short memory. we said o-mazing. too much. this was o-mazing. let's look at the highlights. >> and who doubled and manny scores on the base hit. >> i don't think he is 20. >> comes on 1, 2, 3 that's an old story. and the the first back in. gets the save. the orioles into game 5. this a game that the yankees did not want to be playing here in the bronx tomorrow night. >> take me to the clubhouse. and they were jubilant happy ready to go. they were talking about the deal with losing it and how
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tough it was. they had been resilient. this is what they had to say shortly after the game. >> all the post teams and with the type of games we played all year. and so i think that's a good practice. and when we get to this point in the season. >> we chances, chances all night. we were not coming through. i don't know. i don't know if we're putting pressure on ourselves t was nice to come through there. >> and headed this way. and every game counts. and. >> i don't think we sensed we were done. yesterday was tough and a dattic game and we bounced back tonight. and joe came up with a huge performance and another elimination game. momentum is as good as the next day's starting pitcher.
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and cc going for them. and jason hamle will take them on tonight here in the bronx. there is no way they lose the game. no way. all right we are at yankee stadium. we'll see you tonight. game time at 5:07. unless they go 20 innings. >> and we're going to go 20 innings. and guaranteeing the win. and going joe namath on us. we're dropping the hammer you may get the call at some point. all hands on deck and from the bronx set for 5:07. we don't want to forget about the other birds. ravens and the cowboys and game time is set for 1:00. ravens lead the north with a 4- 1 record. news time is 6:05. this morning t was the current vp and the man wanting his job. and joe biden and paul ryan
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squared off for the only debate. and it covered a wide range of issues in 90 minutes. the attack on the consulate and tax cuts and building the middle class. >> you detected my frustration with their attitude about the american people. my friend says that 30% of the american people are tinkers. >> 23 million are struggling for work, 1 5% are in poverty. this is not what a recovery looks like. >> this was the one and only debate. the president and the governor meet for their second debate coming up on tuesday. it is now 6:06. you are looking now at the scene from yesterday a house fire in baltimore that claimed the lives of five people. four children. this a heartbreaking story when you see this scene this morning as people came overnight paying their respects and coping with one another and helping the family pick up the pieces.
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a live look from baltimore. and we have more on the story a community is coming together to help the family in their time of need. >> they are trying to comfort one another and trying to figure out and make sense out of this. >> a group turned tout remember a grandmother and children killed in the early morning fire. right now there is a makeshift memorial with teddy bears and to remember those fire victims. a vigil was held in front of that burned out home. classmates and teachers from the school crowded the sidewalk on den wood avenue. mothers comforting mothers and children comforting children. they are helping through the difficult time. they have not released the cause of the fire just yet t started yet before 2 a.m. now several people were inside the home and managed to escape but five did not make it out. the community remembered the good times during the vigil. at the end of the day she
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was late she said i had to get my book bag. then she gave me a hug. she said i love you. i kissed on her forecast. i said i love you, too. that's the last time i saw her. >> investigators say there were smoke detectors in the home. there not sure if they were working. we're waiting to hear funeral arrange thes for the civil rights activist. he was a member of the house of delegates. he was in the state senate from 1967 to 1981. he battled lung cancer. he died at 72 years old. and no end in sight the meningitis outbreak. what is done to make sure the pharmacy will not do this again. we are ready for the running festival this morning we're going to introduce to you a special guest. live in baltimore.
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this year you are going to meet the princess of the race, the first ever with her brother coming up after the break. this morning, do you hate having your dog in bed with you. how far a woman has to go to get her dog to wake up. >> we're dry but we're looking at showers in new york. will it stay dry for the game? the forecast coming up. and everything is up to speed here on 70 west of 695. what traffic looks like on 95 and 83 coming up on good morning, maryland. we're in a new york state of mind a look at times square. back up to the big apple for a check of the tech bites. >> in the tech bites sam sung has a version of the galaxy smart phone the mini features a four inch display, camera and android's operating system. there is good news for anyone asks for a device this holiday
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season. an executive says the company plans to have 100,000 apps available by february. 400million people will use windows 8. there is a new leader in the pc market. cheap's outsold hp. this has been a tough time for the makers as consumers opt for smart phones pgh a new look at the twitter user finds she in her 20s, shares details using an apple device. popular background color, purple. those are the tech bites. have a great day.
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more than 20,000 people from around the world coming for the running festival. this morning and linda so is out at the stadium where the runners will cross the finish line but you have some special people that you want to introduce us to today. >> there are some special runners who do it for a great cause. we have them here this morning. i want to introduce you to the princess of this year's race. the first ever, what is your name. >> sarah. >> wow. >> you have, you love to run. >> yes. >> and this is her brother. >> hello. >> who you are running for. >> can you show me your shirt. >> who you are running for? >> awesome. >> to tell us more about this is their mother. >> this is a great thing. tell us about the charity and who is benefits. >> and it benefits johns hopkins children's center. it is jame named after sadie be ale. she died despite the doctor's
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best efforts. her parents are honoring her and raising money for the children's center. this is their sixth year. you have a special connection because you spent so many years there because of sarah. tell bus that. >> she was born healthy and afternoon turning 1 something was wrong. she ended up having nine surgeries before she turned five for one thing after another. but the doctors worked hard to keep finding what was wrong. she is pain free, been that way for a year. and surgery free for a year. we're grateful we want to give back to the children's center who work so hard for her. >> you started running the 5 k here three years ago. your kids saw you doing it. what did they say? >> they immediately said that we want to run like you. they were bugging me to run the race for next year so i said yes. and then in 2011. this is why i was running.
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who i was running for. they got excited they wanted to raise money for the children's center, too. >> that's awesome. you raised a lot of money. between the three of us and we raised over $2000. >> that's awesome. >> i got to show you again they are so cute, look at them. they do love each other. mom told me the best thing after sarah got all the surgeries that they can play together now. sarah again the princess of this year's race. you made a crown just for her with the crab on it. and love baltimore. and the special one, she will be here. they will be in the kid's race. mom will run the 5 k, we're live in baltimore. a great event kicking off tomorrow at 8:00. 27,000 people downtown. the weather there. we have to have a forecast. and more pressing now and people want to know how things are going in new york. >> and you know, there is rain like approaching right now.
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>> no. >> i love it. >> i said you know immediately. >> rain heading to new york right now that's ahead of a front. it will clear out as we go into day one. >> you can breathe now. >> you can breathe. check out the forecast. yankee stadium will be nice and clear. that's first pitch at 5:07. >> we're looking at breezy conditions the winds out of the southwest at 15 to 20 miles an hour. it wild feel chilly t is baseball weather. a great game. let's talk about the temperatures back here at home. we're dealing with the chilly temperatures this morning. good morning at 47 degrees. and annapolis and in churchville and 42 and we are going to be dealing with temperatures below average again for today. the satellite and radar is not picking up on a lot here at home but as i was saying there is the rain that's approaching new york. we go through the morning
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hours. this ahead of a front that's going to be moving through. there it is there. ahead of it. temperatures will be warmer than what we were yesterday. below average and behind it we will be dealing with the breezy temperatures and cooler weather will be making its way in here as we go into tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s for highs. as we look at what is going on in terms of tropical storm patty. here it is here. we have deep convection around here, it will weaken as it slides to the north towards cuba as dry air wraps in here. for today the temperature at 58 degrees by lunchtime. and the high, though will be right around 64 degrees again, unseasonable temperatures we will be feeling good although breezy and very cold we head through the night. we have freeze watches. let's get a check of time saver traffic. >> and i have my bat ready to go. and awesome game and keep it
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up. they are in new york and there is a lot going on. we have preparations underway for the baltimore marathon. now startingat 8:00. that's when they will start on russell street. and that's just one of many intersections that will be shut down. and the closures go to as we check in and look at 95 downtown. here at 395. traffic moving along no delays through the tunnel. and this is what 83 looks like. and traffic no problems to report. and 11 minutes now from the beltway downtown and fayette street. 695 in great shape all the way to towson. you from headed to the west side not too bad. 12 minutes on the outer loop to 95. that's a look at traffic. over to you. 619 video we could not resist showing you this morning. you have had trouble getting your pet to listen? we all have from time to time.
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what happened when the owner was trying to get a growling dog out of the bed and he would not budge. >> get down. (dog growling). >> get down. get down. don't you growl. time to wake up. get off the bed. >> that's an english mastiff who would not budge. if you have dealt with a dog that size they do what they want to do. >> get off it. >> a sweet animal though. and probably well more than 100 pounds. kind of like you know not like this guy. this is butter cup. , tell us about the guy. >> butter cup came in lost. one year old. and it is interesting that any
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dog can have an attitude, can have an ego, it is important for the dog to understand his place in the pack. >> really? >> this one of the things i have been told about dogs and clarify this. weir hear about the alpha dog but the more subborn the alhave does it not see you as the alpha dog. >> the person has to be the alpha dog f not the dog has no choice but to assume that role. he can be confused if he doesn't know his place. best at the bottom of the pack in your family. training your dog to not jump on the bed or only if given permission. >> i brought a toy to play. that send as message. playing tug with your dog i would not recommend it. the dog is in a competition with you and is your equal. >> the dominance. >> it is a game but if the dog
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wins he wins. so you need to make sure that you win. i would not recommend it, it levels the playing field the dog does not need to think i'm in competition with the owner. >> and how can they find out about butter cup? >> go to ourwide we're linked to we're open at noon today. this is butter cup sure to find a home. >> a school forced to stay inside after some uncomfortable and unwelcomed guests. and this is a hot commodity on halloween. why people are now trying to seek out those big bird costumes. and you have mitt romney to thank for this one. as we go to break, hard to make out what you are looking at if you look at the center of the screen. that's the tip of the endeavor making its way to california. good morning maryland continues in a few moments.
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want to see the happiest dog around. and getting some loving from lynette and look at this guy. he is being pampered. and no trouble getting home contact the spca if you would like to find out about butter cup. you can wrestle him away. what will your kids be for halloween. something you need to think about. now big bird seeing a surge thanks to the governor. a costume wholesaler says that uns the nominee mentioned the character during the first debate in denver, orders for the costumes have been flying in. all right, lauren is joining us now a quick transition. >> and on today's ticket was sent in and it is her husband shawn. and their dog jack. enjoying a vacation down in north carolina. we posted a picture on your facebook it generated a ton of
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comments. and one wrote in saying give me the treat. and the caption saying that's the last time you hold the keys. rosa perez where did you hide my bone. and no dogs allowed on the beach during the summer. keep your captions coming. i need more photos. send them my way. send them to pix at wmar. a distraction for children at one school. they could not believe their eyes when they looked out of the window, it was a bear and cubs walking through the campus. school was put on lock down until the officers brought in some specially trained dogs to usher those bears off the school grounds. and 6:26 on this friday. and getting a lot of attention from drivers in one city. the children they have now and the city council members getting involved because of mistaken and fake bike lanes.
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they're popping up over the streets.
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